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Projection and realization References: Projection and realization

Projection and realization

Garden and landscape architecture projection

The atelier of garden and landscape architecture does designs of gardens, parks, objects of public greenery and vegetative modifications in the landscape.

We process all levels of project documentation from the study to implementation.Further we ensure dendrology researches – inventory of woods and their evaluation.

The garden architect designs garden ponds and water elements, pergolas, stone walls, roads and other elements of bijou garden architecture according to the requests ot the customer.

The projection is shielded by authorization of the Czech Chamber of architects in the branch of garden architecture and landscaping.

The chief of atelier:
Ing. Jana Vrbasová
authorized architect for ZKT
phone +420 602 876 078

Realization of garden and landscape architecture

The centre of realization ensures the supply of garden and landscape modification thanks specialized working groups.

The subject of supplies are complete works of garden and landscpae architecture:
  • family gardens, town parks, historical gardens
  • greenery in the town and in the country (biocentre, biocorridor)
  • recovery of ÚSES elements
  • greenery of industrial companies and agricultural farms
  • tree felling
  • roof gardens
  • garden ponds and biotopes
  • automatic irrigation
The chief of the centre:
Ing. Jiří Vrbas
phone +420 602 567 308
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