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grassy sportsgrounds for football, baseball, golf

We found grassy sportsgrounds for football, baseball or golf. The part of this branch is the sportsgrounds building-up, their reconstruction and regeneration. The lawn turf of our production enable very quickly to create a new sportsground. We also found the lawn by sowing.

The sportsgrounds have specific demands at founding and the subsequent servicing of grassy surface. From extreme burden, which the lawn must resist, results from the high demands of quality at founding of sporty lawn and its subsequent regeneration or reconstruction. In these ways, our company is able to offer the complete service, which the sporty lawns need.

Tha baseball playground build-up in Brno

The founding of new sportsfields

> laser grader Blec
> grading of playing surface by precise accuracy
> the possibility of grade making according to demands
> the correct grade ensures ideal drain conditions
Aerification by hollow tips

Regeneration of current lawns

> complete machine line
> specific machines with unilateral usage
    ensure optimal results
> tractors with turf tyres – guarantee of undamaged
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Depth aerification (verti-draining)

Reconstruction of sportsgrounds

> rebuilding of unsatisfactory surface
    by special machines
> new lawn turf founding
    by standard way
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