Work offers for lawn regeneration

Depth aerification (verti-draining)

Radical depth aeration and releasing the surface of field in the depth 10-40cm. There is an improvememnt of permeability for water and a creation of richer root system. Depth aerification is one the most effective acquisition for the support of the lawn growth, which is possible to perform anytime during the vegetation period, without the disturbance of the sportsground running.


The aeration of soil profile to depht 10 cm. By the help of hollow tips carry out to the surface the "stoppers" from the lawn turf.


Cropping of grass seed to the current lawn by special cropping machine, which defraies the mixture with the seed to intagliated grooves (depth 1 cm). By defraying the effectivity is increased upon 85 %.


Uniform spreading of sand by the help of self-loading sandblast. The physical qualities of a surface part of vegetative layer got better in the benefit of grasses. First of all it is about increasing of soil air All the machines are pulled by the tractor Kubota on turf tyres.

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